Are you getting tired of the many ants in your property? These common pests are found all over the world and annoy many people on a regular basis.

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You can prevent the attack of unwanted ants by acting early in the season and phoning us for help!
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If you have started discovering ants in your kitchen, bathroom or other area of the home, you might need to consider treating them so they’ll go away.

The best way to do this is first determine the kind of ant. Sure, you can go buy ant spray at your local store but unless you read the label to see what kind of ants it actually kills, you might not achieve success with it.

In addition, sometimes home control is not enough to completely eliminate the ants and this is when our Plant City ant control technicians come into the picture.

Expert Plant City Ant Control Professionals

Our technicians have the experience and training required to safely and effectively eliminate unwanted Plant City ants. We can correctly identify the ant species and then discuss your treatment options.

While we will gladly treat an existing ant issue, we also offer preventative solutions for all kinds of pests, including Plant City ants.

Ant Prevention Tips

  • Sweep/Vacuum your floors regularly.
  • Keep food in air-tight containers.
  • Identify and seal any holes, openings, etc.
  • Always clean up spills or food on the counter.
  • Put away any pet food at night.

When you choose our Plant City ant technicians they can also discuss more ways to keep the ants away and help you locate entry points upon request. Nobody should have to live with tiny troublesome ants; call us at (813) 324-6484 today to see how we can help you eliminate those uninvited ants on your property.

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